How We Measure Quality

Quality Measure

How We Measure Quality

At Heartfelt Solutions we value the families and clients we serve. We strive to make every interaction meaningful and supportive. We measure quality by continuously evaluating what is important TO those we serve and what is important FOR those we serve. We understand that this differs from person to person and requires an individualized approach to services to ensure quality.
We are able to evaluate this through our What Winning Looks Like program. This program focuses on helping those we serve achieve the goals that are most important to them and that will have the most impact on their lives and future independence. We use the following indicators:

  • Practice capacity thinking-help people grow, develop and learn
  • Create positive changes for people we support
  • Advocate for people we support
  • Frequent assessment of what is working
  • Assist individuals with making meaningful connections
  • Assist individuals with making meaningful contributions
  • Solution driven–breaking barriers
  • Constant focus on quality of life improvements
  • Services promote active participation and collaboration with the family and the rest of the support team

Cycle of Support

In addition to What Winning Looks Like, we’ve identified a Cycle of Support, which illustrates how Heartfelt creates an environment for employees and those they support to flourish. The Heartfelt Solutions support cycle is comprised of five parts:

  • Robust, Quality Training: We believe that when our employees are provided with quality training and support, they are more prepared and confident in their skills. When they are prepared as competent professionals, they have the tools to help those they serve meet their goals and overcome barriers
  • Skill Development: The confidence and skills learned are used to provide a person-centered approach to working on goals
  • Achieving Goals: Individuals make meaningful progress toward their goals and begin to learn ways to be more independent and advocate for themselves.
  • Motivation and Reinforcement: Employees are motivated and reinforced when they see those they serve making progress toward their goals. This provides everyone with a sense of purpose.
  • Further Learning and Growth: Everyone is energized to continue learning and growing thus, the cycle can continue, reinforcing the symbiosis of our mission.