Seasonal Depression

Feeling Blue: Mental Health & Seasonal Affective Disorder

Holidays should be merry and bright, but for some, the yuletide season can have a negative effect. In fact, 64% of people with mental illness state that the holidays make their condition worse . Unfortunately, what is already a stressful time of year also coincides with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) — a condition that affects […]


Applied Behavior Analysis – How Heartfelt Solutions Does It Differently

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy programs can help increase language and communication skills; improve attention, focus, social skills, everyday living skills, self-care skills, academics, and memory; and decrease problem behaviors. ABA is based on the science of learning and behavior, and it applies the understanding of how behavior works to real-life situations. Ultimately, the goal […]

Direct Support Professional

Direct Support Professionals: An Integral Piece of Behavioral Health Services

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists — most people are familiar with these health care professionals. But there’s a lesser known, yet essential component of effective behavioral health services. Direct Support Professionals, or DSPs, are the people who spend one-on-one time with clients to help them carve a path toward learning the skills necessary to live as independently […]

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