Adult Day Training

Adult Day Training: Providing Life Lessons for Adults with Disabilities

Adult Day Training (ADT) focuses on developing and enhancing skills that adults with disabilities need for everyday life. At Heartfelt Solutions in Bardstown, the monthly ADT calendar includes activities and exercises that focus on different topics each day, from fitness and money management to careers and community outings.

“We really get them involved in the community,” says ADT coordinator Brittany Reid, “but we also teach social skills and other things that they might not have in their tool bag.”

The Heartfelt Solutions team mentors adults with disabilities to successfully navigate the waters of social interactions, learn self-advocacy, and approach various social situations effectively. Though many of the activities are conducted in groups, individual exercises are available for those who thrive better in a more personalized environment.

“We will also be offering Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA),” Brittany adds. “If clients qualify, we’ll have someone create a plan for them to reach certain goals. For example, if they’re playing board games and don’t do well with losing, we’ll create tasks to help them learn how to better cope with that type of situation.”

Program manager Jessica Green adds that at Heartfelt Solutions, ADT doesn’t have to be a long-term situation. The team is dedicated to helping participants find meaningful work or other activities on their own.

“We want to have a fade-out option,” she says. “We don’t want this to be somewhere that an adult with an intellectual or developmental disability comes every day just to get away from their typical day-to-day functions. We want them to learn to be more autonomous and confident in their goals.”

Depending on participant needs and interests, this fading out of ADT services might include finding employment or becoming involved in the community in other ways that an individual might feel passionate about. The overall goal is to ensure we are all competent and confident enough to move through life in a safe and healthy way.

Heartfelt Solutions currently accepts ADT participants via certain Medicaid waivers. For more information about ADT or to apply, call (502) 349-5984 or visit

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